About the Tenaja CSD

The Tenaja Community Services District (“TCSD”) was formed in 1985 pursuant to the Community Services District Act of California (“CSDA”), and encompasses approximately 6,400 acres of spacious rural land in the Santa Rosa Coastal Mountain Range between the City of Murrieta and the Cleveland National Forest.


TCSD receives its powers through the Community Services District Act of the State of California (CSDA)  to undertake a number of local agency functions.  Currently, however, the Board of Directors is primarily involved in the improvement and maintenance of streets.  Since TCSD has no land-use powers, development is subject to the Southwest Area Community Plan of the County of Riverside which requires a minimum of five (5) acres for one (1) residence.


The CSDA authorizes Community Services Districts to exercise a number of municipal powers; the Tenaja Community Services District has, however, been granted authority over the following governmental functions:

  1. The collection, treatment, or disposal of sewage, waste, and storm water of the district and its inhabitants.
  2. The constructing, opening, widening, extending, straightening, surfacing, and maintaining, in whole or in part, of any street in the district, subject to the consent of the governing body of the county or city in which the improvement is to be made.
  3. The construction and improvement of bridges, culverts, curbs, gutters, drains, and works incidental to the purposes specified in subdivision (j), subject to the consent of the governing body of the county or city in which the improvement is to be made.


However, at this time the District only provides the services related to the improvement and maintenance of streets.  The District’s routine maintenance includes: culvert cleaning, tree trimming, pavement repair, overlays, striping, sign repair and replacement, shoulder replacement, and other related activities. 


Under the CSD Act, Community Services Districts are empowered to raise taxes, finance improvement projects through assessment districts created under one or more Improvement Acts sanctioned by State law, and/or to pay for improvements upon the prior approval of the affected electorate through a process defined in Proposition 218.  The Board of Directors may, therefore, impose assessments in accordance with its statutory authority or act as facilitator for special assessment districts or an assessment to be created through a Proposition 218 proceeding.  As facilitator, the District will coordinate the engineering, development of plans, construction and the ultimate funding.


The CSDA requires the Board of Directors to meet at least quarterly.  Currently the regular meetings for the TCSD Board are scheduled for the first Thursdays of each month at the District’s office.  The Board may, in addition, hold Special meetings or adjourn a regular meeting to another time and place.


The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors who are residents of the District and elected by residents to four-year terms.  The District posts agendas at the District office on the Friday before each month.  In addition, agenda packets of each Board meeting are available on request for a nominal annual fee.


The CSDA has empowered the Board to act as ex-officio governing body of any owner’s association to administer existing Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R).  The Board may, in addition appoint any number of advisory committees.  Standing committees at this time are the Roads Committee and the Architectural Committee.


The Roads Committee and Architectural Committee meet every Thursday at 8:30 AM to review and discuss applications for easements, road encroachments, street maintenance and Architectural approvals.